Special Edition: Ukraine

Kiev Before and After

[Kiev Before and After: Two pictures of Kiev’s Independence Square, one from 2009 and one from 2014 after violent anti-government protests, that are juxtaposed against one another in order to show the utter destruction within the capital as a result of massive waves of violence.]


This page is a result of several research efforts that aim to present the implications of World War II on the present-day situation in Ukraine. These efforts took place in the classroom within various small groups. The final products completed by these groups are presented below. The material touches upon a wide variety of issues and is presented by each group in a format appropriate to their findings.

Group Contributions:

“If it Looks, Walks, and Sounds like a Nazi, it’s Probably a Nazi” – A blog post on the history of the swastika and the symbol’s importance in the context of both Ukrainian history and present-day Ukraine. This contribution is a result of the efforts of Joe Slattery, Kelly Cooper, Garland Pittard, James Oliva, and Phillip Mays.

A Brief History of Conflict in Ukraine – A timeline of events beginning in 1917 and ending in 2014. This brief chronology presents several different historical moments that are relevant to putting the present-day crisis in context. This contribution was created by Jennifer Horan, Katie Wells, Jessica Hawkins, and Grace Hemmingson.

“Insane in the Ukraine” – A blog post that presents the role of Stepan Bandera in Ukrainian history and touches upon the modern day Svoboda Party. This post is found on Ryan Dellinger’s blog Это по-русски!

“Crimean Conundrums” – A blog post that discusses the historical importance of the Crimean peninsula and helps to illustrate why the region is currently so contentious. This post appears on Jimmy Jewett’s blog Freezing in Siberia: 20th Century Russia.

“The Mysterious Gift” – A blog post, written by Steve Nagy, that focuses on the ownership of the Crimean peninsula throughout history.

*Comments and feedback on all of the material presented above are welcomed. A big thank you to all of the groups for their respective efforts!


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