Week 8 Posts

“Not One Step Back”

The tactical moves by the Germany army in WWII in the Eastern Front are still both impressive and painfully full of failure when we take a look at the campaign. The initial invasion saw so much potential for total victory: the ferocity of Blitzkrieg attacks, Germany’s technical superiority, and the sheer element of surprise invasion. […]

Car Trouble

Most of the time it is hard to say what was worst; communism or fascism. However, sometimes it is really easy. Communism was the worst. If fascist states have one thing going for them, it is their superiority in the automotive industry. Germany alone had more car companies than the Soviet Union had car models. … Continue reading »

The Breaking of the Fascists’ Back

The Eastern front in WW2 (or as the Russians referred to it, the Great Patriotic War) was known to be notoriously bloody. After the battle of Stalingrad, the Nazis were in full retreat. Hitler, in his infinite wisdom (there’s some sarcasm there) decided to mount an offensive attack to recover his losses in what the […]

Pay No Attention to Us

Soviet Partisans played a major part in the soviet victory against the Germans in the Great Patriotic War.  As Germans moved deeper into Russia, it became apparent an extra edge was going to be needed to defeat the advancing German lines.   From the start of the war, partisan forces began using guerrilla warfare tactics […]