Week 2 Posts

The not so Quiet Riot

Around the late 19th to early 20th century, Russia was in a bad state of affairs. By this point in time, Russia had established the pattern of being on the wrong side of history when it came to military engagements. While the Tsars of Russia were hesitant to change, Alexander II was by Russian standards quite […]

Three Strikes and….then more strikes

The years leading up to the 1905 Russian revolution was full of growth and conflict.  Russia was experiencing remarkable industrial growth around the turn of the century.  However this progress lead to some major dissatisfaction among the middle class workers there.  This disatisfaction lead to unrest and additional conflict all over Russia.  Moscow and St. […]

Lenin and “What is to be Done?”

   In 1901, Vladimir I. Lenin began writing his famous work, “What is to be Done?”. Less than a year later, “What is to be Done” was published in the spring of 1902. Lenin’s work was written as a prequsor to the Bolshevick Revolution in 1917. In “What is to be Done?”, Lenin lays out his plan […]