Week 2 Posts

Why Witte Was a Winner

As a double major in management and finance with a minor in history, I’ve always had a sweet spot in my heart for historical figures that work in a business or financial way. One such man that has peaked my interest is Sergei Witte. Mr Witte was the Minister of Finance for the Russian Empire […]

The Original Mr. October

With the signing of the October Manifesto came a new era of rule in Russia. No longer was the country under an autocracy; a constitutional monarchy was in the works. The document granted civil liberties and even created a legislative body … Continue reading

Communism’s Traumatic Transition: foreshadow of the Soviet Union?

The predictions of both Marx and Lenin of a violent and oppressive transitional period that a society must endure while changing from an imperial capitalist society towards a fully-realized communist society seem to be an appropriate prediction for what the Soviet Union would become during the 20th Century. Just as the two most famous socialists predicted, […]

A Unified Peasant Class

The Russian Revolution of 1905 was comprised of many groups of people working together with different end goals, like peasants, workers, and intelligentsia. Most of these factions had one thing in common—they were exhausted by the tyrannical tsarist regime. Prior to 1906, … Continue reading

Bloody Sunday

January 9, 1905, now known by most as ‘Bloody Sunday,’ was a significant moment in Russia that amplified the unrest of the people in the empire. On this day in history, a petition for Tsar Nicholas was marched to his Winter … Continue reading

Socialist Revolutionaries

The Socialist Revolutionaries, or the SRs were a leftist revolutionary movement that officially began in 1901. This radical group drew many of their ideals from the Populists, however they agreed with the terror tactics of the People’s Will(Freeze 246). They believed that the capitalist state was doing wrong to the people, specifically the peasants and […]

The Japanese Butt-Kicking

The early 20th Century was full of ideas and actions dealing with imperialism. The ideas and the people of Europe were now spread to all corners of the globe. Since the ideas of imperialism include reaping raw materials from foreign nations with the idea of making money, a lot of people around the world, especially […]