Special Edition: Ukraine

Insane in the Ukraine

Ukrainian national identity struggled to gain support during the early 20th century while Ukraine was controlled by both Polish and Soviet state powers. When Poland was divided between the USSR and Nazi Germany, the underlying identity of those who considered themselves Ukrainians was split once again. The West began to side with the fascist ideas […]

Crimean Conundrums

        World War II is relevant to the current situation in Ukraine because it solidified Soviet influence in the Crimean Peninsula. After liberating the peninsula from 2 years of Nazi rule, the Soviets deported many remaining non-ethnic Russians, such … Continue reading

The Mysterious Gift

In February of 2014, the world was shocked on February 26, just three days after the Sochi Olympics ended, and the days following when reports began to surface that Russian troops were deployed in Crimea. Russia had poured billions of dollars into the 2014 Winter Olympics and other things in order to attempt to portray […]

If it Looks, Walks, and Sounds like a Nazi, it’s Probably a Nazi

During World War 2, Ukraine found themselves in a peculiar spot. On one hand, the Ukrainians had experienced a genocide from the Soviet government in the form of a manufactured famine known as the Holodomor (from the Ukrainian Голодомор, meaning “Extermination by hunger”) which killed approximately 4 million people. Because of this genocide, it’s easy […]