Jimmy Jewett

Crimean Conundrums

        World War II is relevant to the current situation in Ukraine because it solidified Soviet influence in the Crimean Peninsula. After liberating the peninsula from 2 years of Nazi rule, the Soviets deported many remaining non-ethnic Russians, such … Continue reading

” All around me there is treachery, cowardice, and deceit. ” The Abdication of Nicholas II

                                                                                 Image of Nicholas II’s Decree of Abdiction, March 17th 1917 By the morning of March 17th, 1917 the Russian Social-Democratic Party had finally forced the hand of the Tsar. After staying the night in Pskov, away from the riots that had overtaken many cities in Russia, Nicholas II came to decision that only his(…)

Sticking it to Stolypin: Conflicting Views

Pyotr Stolypin was a major political player during the last decade of the Russian Empire. He rose to power on the back of the Russian Revolution of 1905, and tended to side with the Octoberists, a slightly more conservative group that agreed to back down if the government followed the October Manifesto it had made(…)

The Bashkir Switchman and the Trans-Siberian Railway

The Trans-Siberian Railway, picture above, was a massive industrial project undertaken during the end of the 19th Century and completed in the early 20th Century. When first announced, I am sure the first problem that came to mind was the vast expanse the railway would cover. Russia was and remains the largest country in the(…)