The Iron Curtain Fears A Little Bit of Rock n’ Roll

In the 1980′s, youth culture was rapidly changing and the newer generations were always after the most hip fashions, music, and styles from the West. The USSR had little in terms of pop culture flair, so Russia youths always tried to get their hands on music from the US and UK. Rock music, especially what […]

We’re Here to Help: The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

The Cold War heated up many times for both the West and the Eastern Bloc. Sporadic proxy wars and expansive conflicts led to many casualties for the USSR and the United States, but there never was a great war between the two. Instead, lives were expended and blood was shed to protect the values both […]

Sino-Soviet disputes

       The idea of Communism usually involved the notion that all Communist people are united under the goals of promoting the strength of the working class. However, these goals might differ and certain cultures may interpret the Communist agenda in different ways. Once strong allies, The People’s Republic of China and the Soviet […]

“Not One Step Back”

The tactical moves by the Germany army in WWII in the Eastern Front are still both impressive and painfully full of failure when we take a look at the campaign. The initial invasion saw so much potential for total victory: the ferocity of Blitzkrieg attacks, Germany’s technical superiority, and the sheer element of surprise invasion. […]

Soviet Physical Culture

    “Work, build, and don’t complain! We’ve been shown our path in life. You might or might not be an athlete, But you’re obliged to be a physical culturalist.” This slogan on a 1933 piece of propaganda truly illustrates the Soviet Union’s desire to raise a healthy and able-bodied population. Massive parades, athletic competitions, […]

July Days

The removal of the autocracy of Imperial Russia left a massive power vacuum that had to be filled. The differing goals and ideologies of the replacement governments meant that violence and disorder were tearing Russia apart. In 1917, a stage was set in Pretrograd (St. Petersburg) as disgruntled soldiers and industrial workers had finally had enough with […]

Nomadic cultures of Imperial Russia

  This photograph shows a group of nomadic people from the regions that are modern day Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Its interesting to see this culture of people since most depictions of the Soviet union are of the Russian-caucasian people, rather then nomads. I feel as though the ethnic identities across the Soviet Union were overlooked […]