Fifth Blogpost Guidelines

Yurii Pimenov: Everybody to the Competition! (1928)

Yurii Pimenov: Everybody to the Competition! (1928)

Welcome back to the Motherblog!  The thirties await our attention and as good Rockin’ Shockworkers, we will bring our best, most enthusiastic and most astute energies to the task at hand. No “False Shockworkers” in our collective!

For this week’s post, please choose a topic from the 1934, 1936 or 1939 section of Seventeen Moments of Soviet History and use it to examine the political, social, economic and cultural dynamics of the Soviet thirties.  (Please save the module on “Territorial Annexations” for next week, as it is directly connected to World War II.) You should also consult second part of Ch. 11 (pp. 358-373) in the Freeze text. You may focus on an event, a development or an individual. Your post should use (and cite) primary sources (texts, music, or images). You may also use a particular image or primary document as a focal point for your post.

A. Nelson

I am a historian of Russia with expertise in cultural history and emerging interests in animal studies and environmental history. My current research projects include studies of the Soviet space dogs, the significance of the Belyaev fox domestication project, and the cultural implications of domestication, particularly in Eurasia. 

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