Fourth Blogpost Guidelines

"Artwork by El Lissitzky 1919". Via Wikipedia -

Beat the Whites with a Red Wedge “Artwork by El Lissitzky 1919“. Via Wikipedia.

For your fourth blog post, use the resources in Seventeen Moments of Soviet History (1921 and 1924) to examine a significant aspect of the Russian Revolution.  You should also consult the Freeze text (the rest of Chapter 9 and Chapter 10).

You may focus on an event, a development or an individual. Your post should use (and cite) primary sources (texts, music, or images). You may also use a particular image or primary document as a focal point for your post. In any case, your post should address some aspect of one the following questions:

How did the Bolsheviks prevail in the Civil War?

How did the Bolsheviks negotiate the transition from being revolutionaries to being rulers?

What role did nationality and religion play in the formation of the Soviet State?

How were politics and economics connected in this period (1917-24)?

A. Nelson

I am a historian of Russia with expertise in cultural history and emerging interests in animal studies and environmental history. My current research projects include studies of the Soviet space dogs, the significance of the Belyaev fox domestication project, and the cultural implications of domestication, particularly in Eurasia. 

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