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Father Gapon’s role in Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday, 9th January 1905, seemed to have been one of the most crucial mistakes Nicholas II made during his whole reign. In one day, he dealt a devastating blow to Tsarism and the belief that they were chosen by God. The order, to allow peaceful protestors in St.Petersburg, holding images of Nicholas II and […]

Bloody Sunday, 1905

Bloody Sunday occurred on January 22nd, 1905 in St. Petersbrg, Russia.  It happened during a peaceful protest with unarmed citizens, mostly poor laborers, against Tsar Nicholas II over undesirable Tsarist policies.  Multiple groups, lead by Georgy Gapon, a Russian Orthodox Priest, were converging on the Winter Palace when the massacre took place.  The plan was…

Bloody Sunday

The 1905 Russian Revolution brought about extreme political unrest.  Some of the most notable problems leading up to the revolution were “agrarian problems, labor and nationality problems (Freeze).”  Growing number of peasants and working class began to form revolts. The moment I found to be most significant took place in St. Petersburg.  In 1904 Industrial […]

The Russian Massacre of 1905

The fall of the once great Russian Empire in the early 1900′s was not a silent and peaceful crumble from its once great stature as world economic and military power. Nicholas II, known as the last of the tsars, inherited an empire on a spiraling decline and the fact that Russia was defeated during the […]

Bloody Sunday 1904

When Nicholas II took over after his the death of his father Alexander III in 1894 would have inherited at nation that was going to revolt if it was not for Lenin. By the 1900s the whole entire country of Russia was escalating out of control.  From the day that Nicholas took leadership of Russia […]