Week 8 Posts

The Great Patriotic War

I wanted to add some additional information this week on the history of the Great Patriotic War.  The picture above is a photo captured during the war.  The Great Patriotic War occurred between June 22, 1941 to May 9, 1945 between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.  During this time Germany ignorantly believed they could […]


  Communism was believed to be a worldwide revolution of the proletariat. This was something that was feared by capitalist countries and embraced by socialists. Lenin called for the workers of the world to unite, and expected capitalism in Europe to fall soon after the rise of the Bolsheviks. With this belief the new Soviet […]

Katyn Forest Massacre, 1943

In 1943, a German radio broadcast announced that a mass grave was discovered in the Katyn Forest area, just outside of Smolensk, Russia.  The victims of the massacre were believed to be those of Polish Officers taken captive in the 1939 Russian Invasion of Poland.  Stalin immediately denied the accusations, claiming that this was just […]

The Wartime Evacuations: Were they worth it?

World War Two had a huge impact on The Soviet Union.  Between the years of 1941 and 1942 between seventeen and twenty five million people were evacuated from the western borders of the country. In addition to having people evacuated, various organizations were also moved to safer areas of the country.  One of the main […]

900 Days of Hunger

 In early September 1941 the Siege of Leningrad by the German Army Group North began.  The Germans cut off the city from outside aid by severing it’s main rail line from Moscow, thus leaving the citizens of Leningrad to fend for themselves.  The Germans proceeded to attack other rail lines and bombard various targets within […]

From Russia with Love

In the mist of World War II, gender roles were once again on the forefront in socialist Russia. The roles of men and women were played out in the 1930’s and were thought to be settled by many Russians. The truth was that in the time of war many young Russians played on this romantic […]

A City of Heroes

By October in 1942 the situation in Stalingrad was bleak. In the city named after the leader of the great Soviet nation the people were slowly being eradicated by the forces of General Von Paulus and the German Sixth Army. The invasion had started on September 7th, and in a grueling calculated push Paulus started […]