Week 4 Posts

Yet Another Famine in Россия…

  “HELP” Is written below the picture of the starving peasant. His face is withered, his feet are exposed, and his bones in general look fragile. He is peasant in Russia suffering dearly from the poor economic and agricultural effects of the new Bolshevik government. Behind him, pieces of useless wheat tumble through the air, …read more

Passing of an Age

On August 7, 1921 a very sad moment occurred in Russian history as the great Russian poet, Aleksandr Blok (11/28/1880-8/7/1921)  passed away. He was the last of the Russian poets of the traditional genre, before the Soviet culture began to … Continue reading

The Great Terror

This week I would like to address “The Great Terror,” one of Russia’s most gruesome and bloodiest moments in history.  This period is also recognized as The Great Purge.  It was a “state-organized terror that overwhelmed the Communist Party and Soviet society during the years 1936-38.”  The debate about this event is whether the Soviet […]

Let There Be Light

  In February 1920 the All-Russian Central Executive Committee of the Soviets set out to provide the entire nation with electrical power with the introduction of the State Electrification Commission (GOELRO).  The commission proposed a network of about 30 regional power stations.The plan was intended to increase the total national power output per year to 8.8 billion kWh. The […]

Lenin’s New Economic Policy

Lenin created the New Economic Policy or NEP due to the lack of food and other necessities that were the result of previous policies.  World War I had caused a lot of supply shortages and in order to try and solve this issue “War Communism” was introduced which only made … Continue reading

Komsomol: The Communist Youth

The image above is actually propaganda a poster once found in Russia.  It was advocating for “komsomol“, also known in the 1920′s as the Russian Communist Union of Youth.  The term “youth” was used loosely, however, as anyone between ages 14 and 28 could join this organization which lasted from 1918-1991. Founded in 1918, the […]