Week 3 Posts

The Kornilov Affair

In the years and months leading up to the Russian revolution of 1917, Russia experienced endless political corruption and unrest.  By August of 1917, the Russian government was in shambles.  A provisional government, led by Alexander Kerenskii, was in power, but was very quickly and poorly put together. Aleksandr Kerenskii Another powerful person in Russia at […]

Dismisal of the Church

  The Bolsheviks never were too fond of the Russia Orthodox Church. To be politically correct, they loathed it. Orthodoxy is something that has been a staple in Russia since 988, over one thousand years. Considering its ties with the country, it was not something that was just going to leave by itself, and The …read more

Kornilov Affair

This week I’d like to discuss the 1917 Kornilov Affair and its significance in the Russian Revolution.  While there are many different beliefs on how the Kornilov Affair came to be one in particular involved Vladimir Lvov.  Lvov is believed to be responsible for stirring the pot with Kerensky and Kornilov.  Lvov thought Russia could […]

The Provisional Government

Above is a picture of the clock that sits on the mantle of the room in the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, the time marking the fall of the provisional government. The provisional government was set up after the February Revolution in 1917, which ended the Tsarist regime, and ran the country until the October […]

Order No. 1

       Following the Russian Revolution that occurred in the early nineteenth century was the formation of a provisional government in order to maintain rule over Russia. This provisional government, also known as the Duma, wanted to transform the former autocracy into a system based on awarding civil rights to its citizens and other […]

Kornilov Affair

Kornilov was known as a hero after his escape from the Hungarian prisoner of war camp and after his escape he returned to Russia in 1916. He believed that the Petrograd Soviet was responsible for the lack of military discipline. Lavr Kornilov was an Imperial Russia general who was assigned command of Petrograd (formerly St. […]

The Kornilov Affair

After the April Crisis of 1917, the Russian Provisional Government’s image was suffering. In order to gain the support of the conservatives in society, Alexander Kerensky (Prime Minister of the Provisional Government) appointed General Lavr Kornilov as commander-in-chief of the Russian Army. Kornilov brought back the death penalty (under approval from Kerensky) and he aimed […]