Week 15 Posts

The Disaster That Is Chernobyl

  On April 26, 1986 the worst nuclear accident in human history occurred at Chernobyl located within the northern Ukraine. This occurred due to a surge of power at nuclear power station’s no. 4 reactor, what ensued was a massive explosion that let out massive amounts of radiation. This disaster led not only to the […]

Political Lessons From Chernobyl

On April 26, 1986 an explosion occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine that spread mass quantities radioactive particles into the atmosphere.  The plant experienced a power surge and when an emergency shutdown was attempted an even large spike in power occurred which caused the reactor to rupture.  Over 40,000 people had to […]

Chernobyl – More Than Just An Explosion

In April of 1986, the worst nuclear accident in the world occurred at Chernobyl nuclear station.  Nuclear radiation and debris spread around the area, rendering it unlivable.  This disaster was destructive not only to the environment, but also to the economy and international relations. In the aftermath of this incident, Russian leaders were faced with […]

Afghan War Is the Soviet Vietnam

The Soviet Union military involvement in Afghanistan lead to the forming of one the most cohesive social groups in Soviet Union society the Afghan veterans. These veterans formed a bond with one another because of similar situations that they faced in combat. Just like the United States veterans of the Vietnam War played a cultural […]

NO Alcohol!…good luck with that

Alcohol has deep roots within Russian history and is much apart of its culture as communism, so when Gorbachev’s Anti-Alcohol Campaign began it was met with harsh criticism. “…measures to reduce alcohol production and sales. These included limiting the kinds of shops permitted to sell alcohol, closing many vodka distilleries and destroying vineyards in the …Read the Rest

No more Friendship and Cooperation

The Warsaw Pact, was established in 1955 by the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance. It was a military and political alliance between nations of Eastern Europe and was led by the Soviet Union. The founding members were the GDR, the USSR, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia and Albania (Albania left the pact in […]

The Afghans-Turmoil back home

During the Vietnam war it was the Russians laughing at us as they supplied the Viet-Cong and the North with weapons and supplies. But now it is the 1980s and it is the US’s turn to pull the rug out from under the Russians all along while we laugh at how stupid the Russian were. …Read the Rest

Is it Easy Being Young?

The 1980s brought about a lot of changes in the Soviet union. Things like the collapse of Soviet communism and the social transformation that followed it had a many effects on the Soviet people. One group that was particularly affected by the changing Soviet Union was the nation’s youth. Young people began questioning authority and […]