Week 12 Posts

The Battle for the Third World

The intense ideological rivalry between the Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War was going to be won or lost in the ‘Third World’.  Both of the superpowers took initiative in supporting developing nations to achieve political and economic stability–depending on their political agenda.  In order to gain global influence, the Soviet […]

Failure of Soviet Agriculture

From early in his career, Khrushchev was a strong proponent of expanding agriculture in the Soviet Union. He was absolutely convinced that improved agriculture capabilities, and as a byproduct of surplus, better living conditions, would help socialism defeat capitalism in … Continue reading


As Yuri A. Gagarin left the launch platform on human life’s maiden voyage into space the Soviets knew if they succeeded, the world was about to change. After all, if a man could survive in space, the universe was truly ours to behold, and explore. Space travel would actually become possible, in time of course. […]

Moving On Up To the East Side

During the nineteen sixties the Soviet Union had a problem in their cities of providing adequate housing for their people. Khrushchev, the leader of the Soviet Union at the time, decided to build what he thought would be greater housing then before. Khrushchev’s private housing was supposed to be this grand building of high end […]

The Gapping Game of Russia’s Generations

After the Cold War it allowed a whole new generation of Russians has grown up.  These young adults of Russia in 1968 are not like their western culture counter parts of the United States and France. They were not involved with Vietnam, involved in the new sexual revolution, and lastly experimenting with illegal drugs (Geldern). […]

Khrushchev’s Housing Reforms

–Grandma! They’re building those apartments so fast, it’s the first time I’ve seen something like this in my life!<BR>–Me too. Russia has always suffered from a lack of housing which meant that those who could not get a housing contract would not be able to hold down a job in … Continue reading