Week 12 Posts

Reaching Stardom! Yuri Gagarin

The projection of Yuri Gagarin into space in April 1961 was a global presentation of the success and achievements that could be attained in the Soviet Union, and ultimately, communism. Although the image of communism was weakened somewhat, in terms of social success, by the Berlin Wall’s erection in August 1961, there were clearly technological […]

To Space

  One of the most memorable events to ever happen in human history was the moon landing that occurred in the 1960’s This was one of the most memorable events in the history of the United States and it also officially ended the race to the moon launched by John F. Kennedy. I distinctly remember […]

Corn is Key

    One of Khrushchev’s original goals as leader of the Soviet Union was to have a revolution, not within the government, but in agriculture. Khrushchev understood how important it was to have food on the table for his Soviet comrades, because if they could not eat, then they would not be productive workers. He …read more

The Motherland Knows the Comrade Hero

On April 12, 1961 Russia’s Iurii Gagarin became the first ever human being to enter outer space.  The Cosmonaut  instantly became a Soviet hero (he received an actual “Hero of the Soviet Union” medal)  after his successful orbit of the earth in his Votosk 1 spacecraft. Upon reentry to the earth’s atmosphere, Gagarin is said to […]

The Third World War

DISCLAIMER: this isn’t about World War III. In the 1960′s, the USSR and United States were engaged in the Cold War.  One of the “battles” of this conflict was the struggle for influence in the Third World countries; a battle … Continue reading

Containment in Czechoslovakia

The crisis in Czechoslovakia in 1968 was exactly that – a crisis. It was a crisis for the Communist party and the Soviet Union because a wave of reform and somewhat anti-socialist feelings were sweeping across the Soviet bloc country of Czechoslovakia. The Prague Spring as this period was later dubbed, was brought on by […]

The Soviet Super Cities

Part of the 1960′s in the Soviet Union was characterized by a state-wide movement to increase the number of citizens working in the factories so that the industrial numbers of the Soviet Union continued to grow. In order to facilitate … Continue reading

The Hypocrisy of the Moral Code

In 1961, the Communist Party presented a new “moral code” that was to be implemented in Russia.  Known as “The Moral Code of the Builder of Communism”, this code was supposed to replace the Stalinist principles of coercion and repression in controlling the lives of Soviet citizens. At the 22nd Communist Party Congress, Khrushchev offered […]