Red Star

Political Lessons From Chernobyl

On April 26, 1986 an explosion occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine that spread mass quantities radioactive particles into the atmosphere.  The plant experienced a power surge and when an emergency shutdown was attempted an even large spike in power occurred which caused the reactor to rupture.  Over 40,000 people had to […]

Afghan War Is the Soviet Vietnam

The Soviet Union military involvement in Afghanistan lead to the forming of one the most cohesive social groups in Soviet Union society the Afghan veterans. These veterans formed a bond with one another because of similar situations that they faced in combat. Just like the United States veterans of the Vietnam War played a cultural […]

The Quagmire Of Afghanistan

At the height of the Cold War both the United States and the Soviet Union fervently worked towards expanding their influence over other countries. Afghanistan was a natural target for Soviet ambitions because of its relative location to that of … Continue reading

Moscow to Sochi: The Legacy of the Russian Olympic Host

  On February 7th, the Olympic Games will return to Russia for the first time since the 1980 Moscow Summer Games. Unfortunately, just like the Moscow Games, the Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia are surrounded with controversy. Amid the return of the Olympics, and some calls for a boycott, reminders of the boycott of the Moscow […]

Corn is Key

    One of Khrushchev’s original goals as leader of the Soviet Union was to have a revolution, not within the government, but in agriculture. Khrushchev understood how important it was to have food on the table for his Soviet comrades, because if they could not eat, then they would not be productive workers. He …read more

Bombs Away

Throughout the 1940’s and 50’s the United States and Russia were in a constant battle to outpace each other in the development of military armaments.  With the ever-present tension, both nations felt that war could be looming on the horizon Continue reading

From Russia with Love

In the mist of World War II, gender roles were once again on the forefront in socialist Russia. The roles of men and women were played out in the 1930’s and were thought to be settled by many Russians. The truth was that in the time of war many young Russians played on this romantic […]