Comrade’s Corner

With Heavy Hearts We Announce Stalin is dead!

March 6, 1953, the Soviet Union announced that Comrade Stalin had died the day before. The address that was given to the Central Committee and to all working people of the Soviet Union highlighted the greatness of Stalin. It was a great piece of work politically; it showcased all the great things that the party […]

A Revival of Agriculture

Stalin’s single minded focus on the development of industry in Soviet Russia had left the agricultural sectors in disarray. Russia had been, and was unable to meet its food needs for the entire nation.  As Khrushchev solidified his power, he … Continue reading

The Arms Sprint

  On August 29th, 1949 an explosion was watched by Lavrentii Beria and scientist Igor Kurchatov . The explosion, that of a Soviet engineered atomic bomb shocked the United States. Only four years before had the Americans revealed the results of the secret Manhattan Project. There was no way that the Soviets could have created a […]


  Communism was believed to be a worldwide revolution of the proletariat. This was something that was feared by capitalist countries and embraced by socialists. Lenin called for the workers of the world to unite, and expected capitalism in Europe to fall soon after the rise of the Bolsheviks. With this belief the new Soviet […]

Stalin: A Monster Before Hitler

  As shown in the picture above there are many similarities between Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler but for some strange reason we look at Hitler as the symbol of a monster, while Stalin is just looked at as being a bad man. Though there is no denying that Hitler was a monster and executed […]

Building the Fergana Canal

(Above: Uzbek Peasants building the Canal. Notice that instead of large trucks to move dirt, there was a large wagon instead.) The year is 1939, imagine building a canal over 167 miles long in under forty-five days. The best part is, you do not have any heavy machinery to work with, only shovels and picks. …read more