Comrade’s Corner

The Major Themes of Russian History

For my last blog post this semester, I wanted to look back at the Russian History that we have studied.  Looking at my blog posts from the semester, I was able to come up with one overarching theme that I think best describes Russia’s past.  Stalled progress and stagnation are two words that accurately describe […]

Chernobyl – More Than Just An Explosion

In April of 1986, the worst nuclear accident in the world occurred at Chernobyl nuclear station.  Nuclear radiation and debris spread around the area, rendering it unlivable.  This disaster was destructive not only to the environment, but also to the economy and international relations. In the aftermath of this incident, Russian leaders were faced with […]

The Afghans-Turmoil back home

During the Vietnam war it was the Russians laughing at us as they supplied the Viet-Cong and the North with weapons and supplies. But now it is the 1980s and it is the US’s turn to pull the rug out from under the Russians all along while we laugh at how stupid the Russian were. …Read the Rest

TV, Soviets, and letting go

No matter where you were from WWII had a great impact on your nation. By 1970, most nations had licked their wounds though, and moved on. For Russia though, this wasn’t really possible. It’s true, the world lost about three percent of it’s population, but the Soviet Union lost about sixteen percent of it’s people. […]

The Third World War

DISCLAIMER: this isn’t about World War III. In the 1960′s, the USSR and United States were engaged in the Cold War.  One of the “battles” of this conflict was the struggle for influence in the Third World countries; a battle … Continue reading

The Soviet Super Cities

Part of the 1960′s in the Soviet Union was characterized by a state-wide movement to increase the number of citizens working in the factories so that the industrial numbers of the Soviet Union continued to grow. In order to facilitate … Continue reading

The Battle for the Third World

The intense ideological rivalry between the Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War was going to be won or lost in the ‘Third World’.  Both of the superpowers took initiative in supporting developing nations to achieve political and economic stability–depending on their political agenda.  In order to gain global influence, the Soviet […]


As Yuri A. Gagarin left the launch platform on human life’s maiden voyage into space the Soviets knew if they succeeded, the world was about to change. After all, if a man could survive in space, the universe was truly ours to behold, and explore. Space travel would actually become possible, in time of course. […]