The Disaster That Is Chernobyl

  On April 26, 1986 the worst nuclear accident in human history occurred at Chernobyl located within the northern Ukraine. This occurred due to a surge of power at nuclear power station’s no. 4 reactor, what ensued was a massive explosion that let out massive amounts of radiation. This disaster led not only to the […]

The Soviet Vietnam: Afghanistan

  At the height of the Cold War both the USSR and the United States agreed on one concept that in order to gain the upper hand in this war they must extend their political ideologies to other lands. While the United States tried to do this mostly through diplomatic means the USSR had other […]

To Space

  One of the most memorable events to ever happen in human history was the moon landing that occurred in the 1960’s This was one of the most memorable events in the history of the United States and it also officially ended the race to the moon launched by John F. Kennedy. I distinctly remember […]

The Hydrogen Bomb

On August 6, 1945 the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and three days later they dropped a second atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Nagasaki. Though these weapons effectively ended World War II, little did they know that the atomic arms race was just beginning. Than just four years later on […]

Stalin: A Monster Before Hitler

  As shown in the picture above there are many similarities between Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler but for some strange reason we look at Hitler as the symbol of a monster, while Stalin is just looked at as being a bad man. Though there is no denying that Hitler was a monster and executed […]

Work Is The Answer Not Religion.

The passage of the Law on Religious Organization in 1929 signaled a new level of religious persecution within Russia. Even before the passage of this law, in the early 1920’s actions against religion were taken by the Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks tried to remove religious influence from Russian homes believing religiously sanctioned families were “tsarist society […]

Order No. 1

       Following the Russian Revolution that occurred in the early nineteenth century was the formation of a provisional government in order to maintain rule over Russia. This provisional government, also known as the Duma, wanted to transform the former autocracy into a system based on awarding civil rights to its citizens and other […]

The Russian Massacre of 1905

The fall of the once great Russian Empire in the early 1900′s was not a silent and peaceful crumble from its once great stature as world economic and military power. Nicholas II, known as the last of the tsars, inherited an empire on a spiraling decline and the fact that Russia was defeated during the […]

The City of Tiflis

The colored picture shown above was taken, incredibly around 1910, by man named Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii. Out of the hundreds of images Prokudin- Gorskii took during his journey around Russia between 1907 and 1915, I found this image to be one of the most intriguing due to the history behind the city. Located in Georgia the […]