Hey everyone, my name is Sam Tripp, I'm currently a senior in the VTCC and the Army ROTC program here at VT. Hope you enjoy my history blog.

One Meltdown Leads to Another

The ideas of “Perestroika” (restructuring) and “glasnost” (openness) were preached by Mikhail Gorbachev throughout his entire political career. However his preaching of Glasnost and his practicing of it were not equal. The Chernobyl disaster of April 1986 in the Ukraine is a prime example of how Gorbachev did not practice what he preached. A KGB report on(…)

The Beginning of the End

Afghanistan is not a friendly place to outsiders. Especially the outsiders who execute their leader and place an unwanted one in his place. Ironically enough Afghanistan’s ally, the USSR did just that in 1980. Lets step back though to 1979 when the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (Hafizullah Amin) was asking the Soviet government for military(…)

The Space Age Begins

As the Nuclear Arms race was in full swing, the USSR was looking for something new to show the world why they were the better than the US. Sergei Korolev, the lead scientist of the Soviet’s space program, had the answer. Having a lot of help from the ballistic research done by the military, and working(…)

Mines Bigger than Yours

The Nuclear Arms race that dominated the Cold War era began with a bang. Get it? Bad pun I know nevertheless it was true. Immediately following the Korean War, on August 29, 1949, with help from soviet agents within the US nuclear program, the USSR detonated its first atomic bomb. Previously thought in the international(…)

When the Tide Turned

  Now some historians might say that the Battle of Kursk is where the tide turned in favor of the Red Army in World War Two, however I have a different theory. The Battle of Stalingrad was the real turning point in the war for two reasons; one the Battle of Kursk was all but(…)

The Great Purge

  My mom always told me to use my words and not my fists to settle fights and arguments… apparently Stalin’s mom did not teach him this lesson. The Great Purge is the darkest point in Russian history, “Its goal was to sweep away all of Stalin’s real and imaginary enemies and to infuse all(…)

On the Brink

  Only a year after the historic Five Year Plan was accepted and implemented in 1928, there was a conflict that had the potential to disrupt everything. This event is known as the Chinese Railway Incident however it was far from an “incident.” During the time when the Communist governments in Russia were coming to(…)

Uprisings are Traditions in Russia

  One would think that looking at Russia in the early twentieth century would think that by 1921 they would be tired of revolutions and riots and would want to take a break for a while. However that was not the case at Kronstadt, a naval base off the mainland of Russia near Petrograd. This(…)

Incompetancy at its Finest

One would think that having over six million soldiers in an army would be a great advantage in a ground war. That would probably be true for most countries but apparently not for Russia. I am talking about how this army seemed unbeatable on paper but when sent out into the field hardly stood a(…)

Who is to Blame?

Bloody Sunday marked the beginning of the end for the autocracy that ruled Russia. This pimple on the face of history marked the beginning of the 1905 Russian Revolution that was to take place immediately after the events on that Sunday in January of 1905. The procession of workmen who were marching towards the Winter(…)