The Failed Coup

In 1991 the Soviet Union was on the brink of collapse. Economic stagnation crippled the economy. Centralized planning was no longer a viable economic option. The republics under Soviet domination began moving towards independence from the USSR. This state of … Continue reading

The Quagmire Of Afghanistan

At the height of the Cold War both the United States and the Soviet Union fervently worked towards expanding their influence over other countries. Afghanistan was a natural target for Soviet ambitions because of its relative location to that of … Continue reading

Failure of Soviet Agriculture

From early in his career, Khrushchev was a strong proponent of expanding agriculture in the Soviet Union. He was absolutely convinced that improved agriculture capabilities, and as a byproduct of surplus, better living conditions, would help socialism defeat capitalism in … Continue reading

A Revival of Agriculture

Stalin’s single minded focus on the development of industry in Soviet Russia had left the agricultural sectors in disarray. Russia had been, and was unable to meet its food needs for the entire nation.  As Khrushchev solidified his power, he … Continue reading

The Partisan Movement

As the German military over extended itself on the Eastern front, its supply lines and logistical support structure became prime targets for groups of guerrilla fighters. According to William C. Fuller, these resistance fighters, known as partisans, numbered as many … Continue reading

No God but the State?

Religious persecution reached new levels in the 1920s culminating with the passage of the Law on Religious Organizations in 1929. The goal of the Soviet government was the removal of religious influences from society. These influences were seen as a … Continue reading