Chernobyl and its lasting effects…

April 26, 1986 marks an infamous day in Soviet history. It was on this day that the number four nuclear power plant in Ukraine, Chernobyl, exploded. Considered the world’s worst nuclear accident, the explosion sent radioactive dust and debris into the atmosphere, carried by winds to nearby Belorussia. The accident caused the death of thousands […]

Is it Easy Being Young?

The 1980s brought about a lot of changes in the Soviet union. Things like the collapse of Soviet communism and the social transformation that followed it had a many effects on the Soviet people. One group that was particularly affected by the changing Soviet Union was the nation’s youth. Young people began questioning authority and […]

Goodbye Village, Hello City!

1962 saw the rising of prices on many consumer goods, under the regime of Khrushchev. Aside from leading to many outbursts and revolts (such as the one that occurred in Novocherskassk in June of 1962), this rise in the price of goods also led to more government subsidies to agriculture (Freeze 441). Over the next […]

We’ve had enough!

Causing “mass disorders” and “committing banditry”. These are the charges that convicted over a hundred people after the Novocherkassk Massacre that occurred in June of 1962. The whole thing started at  the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Works (NEVZ) in Novocherkassk. The plant workers had finally gotten sick of the rising food prices, wage cuts and the […]

The Thaw

The death of Stalin caused a long list of struggles over power and policy. From these problems came the process of ‘De-Stalininzation’ which aimed to “dismantle the Stalinist system of repression and secrecy” (Freeze 412). Out of this De-Stalinization came a cultural thaw, named after the novel by Il’ia Ehrenburg. The book, which follows the […]

The Wartime Evacuations: Were they worth it?

World War Two had a huge impact on The Soviet Union.  Between the years of 1941 and 1942 between seventeen and twenty five million people were evacuated from the western borders of the country. In addition to having people evacuated, various organizations were also moved to safer areas of the country.  One of the main […]

The February Revolution and the end of the monarchy

The February Revolution started with simple street demonstrations in Petrograd. The protest was over food shortages, caused mostly by World War I. On February 23, 1917 (International Women’s Day) a group of women chose to specifically protest the food shortages and high bread prices. This protest coincided with other protests, resulting in crowds of protesters […]

January 22, 1905

January 22, 1905 is a day that will live infamously in Russian history. A day that should have been known for its peaceful protest and instead ended up being the start of the 1905 revolutions in Russia. It all started with the Orthodox priest Georgii Gapon, who 1904 had organized thousands of people into his […]

Prokudin-Gorskii: Metal Truss Railroad Bridge on Stone Piers

The image above is one of the many pictures taken by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii, the photographer to Nicholas II,  Tsar of Russia. He  is most known for the work that he did creating color in his images. This particular image is titled  Metal Truss Railroad Bridge on Stone Piers and was taken between 1907 and 1915. It […]