Peeling Away the Veils

A Sexual Revolution hit the western youth in the 1960s but it was not until 1980s that the Soviet Union became open with the idea of a sexual revolution. This new topic of sexual revolution mostly involved the Russian female citizens and their bodies. Glasnost was introduced by Mikhail Gorbachev in later half of the […]

The Gapping Game of Russia’s Generations

After the Cold War it allowed a whole new generation of Russians has grown up.  These young adults of Russia in 1968 are not like their western culture counter parts of the United States and France. They were not involved with Vietnam, involved in the new sexual revolution, and lastly experimenting with illegal drugs (Geldern). […]

Prisoners of GULAG Released

During the Stalin era from the 1930s to the 1950s there were Soviet forced labor camps. These labor camps held a wide range of prisoners from petty criminals to political prisoners. Political prisoners were considered to be enemies of the Soviet government.  Even some prisoners those “convicted of economic and military crimes regardless of their […]

Pavel Filonov

Everyone has a different type of art that they like and Pavel Filonov in my opinion has a very unique style. Pavel Filonov is a Russian painter, graphic artist, and a poet. He was born in Moscow on January 8, 1883 (December 27, 1882 Julian Calendar) but became an orphan during his childhood. He was […]

Film in 1930s Russia

1930’s for Russia was considered to be the decade of social construction. Russia society was going through many changes and one was the film industry. This brought a large audience to the theaters in Russia. This change of the film industry was led by the new organization of Soiuzkino and its new chairmen Boris Shumiatkiiwhich. […]

1920s In Russia

In the early 1920s Russia began a new phase in “Kremlin leadership fluctuated between antagonistic and conciliatory attitudes perceived foes (Geldern).” The Kremlin is in Moscow and is for instance it was considered to be the Soviet Union’s “White House” or government building. The government was moved here early of 1918. In 1918 there were […]

Kornilov Affair

Kornilov was known as a hero after his escape from the Hungarian prisoner of war camp and after his escape he returned to Russia in 1916. He believed that the Petrograd Soviet was responsible for the lack of military discipline. Lavr Kornilov was an Imperial Russia general who was assigned command of Petrograd (formerly St. […]

Bloody Sunday 1904

When Nicholas II took over after his the death of his father Alexander III in 1894 would have inherited at nation that was going to revolt if it was not for Lenin. By the 1900s the whole entire country of Russia was escalating out of control.  From the day that Nicholas took leadership of Russia […]

Introduction and Prokudin-Gorskii

Somewhat of introduction I am Heather obviously the author of this blog. I am history major here at Virginia Tech and this is my first class on Russian History. This blog’s main topic if you have not already guessed will be about Russia and the history starting from the 19th century to current times. My […]