The Major Themes of Russian History

For my last blog post this semester, I wanted to look back at the Russian History that we have studied.  Looking at my blog posts from the semester, I was able to come up with one overarching theme that I think best describes Russia’s past.  Stalled progress and stagnation are two words that accurately describe […]

Chernobyl – More Than Just An Explosion

In April of 1986, the worst nuclear accident in the world occurred at Chernobyl nuclear station.  Nuclear radiation and debris spread around the area, rendering it unlivable.  This disaster was destructive not only to the environment, but also to the economy and international relations. In the aftermath of this incident, Russian leaders were faced with […]

The Hypocrisy of the Moral Code

In 1961, the Communist Party presented a new “moral code” that was to be implemented in Russia.  Known as “The Moral Code of the Builder of Communism”, this code was supposed to replace the Stalinist principles of coercion and repression in controlling the lives of Soviet citizens. At the 22nd Communist Party Congress, Khrushchev offered […]

Akademgorodok: The City of Science

During the cultural thaw and de-Stalinization of Russia, many changes were made by the government.  These changes included reducing repression and becoming more transparent.  Along with these changes came an increased focus on making Russia as a place of renewed culture, learning, and information.  That is where the Siberian city of Akademgorodok comes in. Conceived […]

The “Lost” Soviet Census

In 1937, a census was taken in Russia which ended up doing nothing but angering soviet leaders.  Despite a projected natural population growth of over 35 million citizens from the last census, the census revealed that there were only around 7 million more citizens than the last census.  This “lost” census was named because soviet […]

Komsomol: The Communist Youth

The image above is actually propaganda a poster once found in Russia.  It was advocating for “komsomol“, also known in the 1920′s as the Russian Communist Union of Youth.  The term “youth” was used loosely, however, as anyone between ages 14 and 28 could join this organization which lasted from 1918-1991. Founded in 1918, the […]

The Kornilov Affair

In the years and months leading up to the Russian revolution of 1917, Russia experienced endless political corruption and unrest.  By August of 1917, the Russian government was in shambles.  A provisional government, led by Alexander Kerenskii, was in power, but was very quickly and poorly put together. Aleksandr Kerenskii Another powerful person in Russia at […]

The Stolypin Reforms

Pyotr Stolypin was a key figure in the early 1900′s revolutions of Russia.  Stolypin held multiple positions in the Russian government, ranging from an advisor all the way up to Prime Minister of Russia.  However, he may be best known for a set of reforms, which are appropriately known as the “Stolypin Reforms”.   In […]

The Cultural and Economic Shifts of Russia

Hi everyone!  My name is Ethan Lundquist and I am currently a senior at Virginia Tech majoring in history, as well as minoring in political science and geography.  This blog is centered around topics that appear in my 20th Century Russia class, and while I have never extensively studied Russia before this class, I hope […]