Containment in Czechoslovakia

The crisis in Czechoslovakia in 1968 was exactly that – a crisis. It was a crisis for the Communist party and the Soviet Union because a wave of reform and somewhat anti-socialist feelings were sweeping across the Soviet bloc country of Czechoslovakia. The Prague Spring as this period was later dubbed, was brought on by […]

Terror at Leningrad

For this post, I am using the 900 Days: Siege of Leningrad module from the 17 Moments in Soviet History. This moment in Soviet history is particularly dark, and the Nazi onslaught at Leningrad proved to be one of the most destructive and deadly moments for the Soviet Union in the Second World War.   […]

Agriculture and The Peasantry of Imperial Russia

    This photograph from the Prokudin-Gorskii collection shows a large agricultural area in the Russian countryside. Farms of all types could be found throughout the vast Russian Empire, where peasant workers toiled for their livelihoods. The peasantry made up the vast majority of the Russian population, being at the lowest level of the feudal […]