Dan Pcsolyar

The Final Strike

  The collapse of the Soviet Union was definitely not expected to happen without bloodshed, and few would have ever guessed for it to play out the way it did. Most if asked would have thought that its destruction would have come from an outside intervention, either a  conventional or nuclear strike, but this is …read more

Corn is Key

    One of Khrushchev’s original goals as leader of the Soviet Union was to have a revolution, not within the government, but in agriculture. Khrushchev understood how important it was to have food on the table for his Soviet comrades, because if they could not eat, then they would not be productive workers. He …read more

Evolution of the Dacha

  Dachas played a an important role in the Russia’s cultural movement forward. All throughout the Soviet Union’s reign, thousands of people flocked to the major cities to find work and a new life, cramming into small apartment buildings as they did so. Living conditions were far from good, especially  for those who shared communal …read more

Building the Fergana Canal

(Above: Uzbek Peasants building the Canal. Notice that instead of large trucks to move dirt, there was a large wagon instead.) The year is 1939, imagine building a canal over 167 miles long in under forty-five days. The best part is, you do not have any heavy machinery to work with, only shovels and picks. …read more

Yet Another Famine in Россия…

  “HELP” Is written below the picture of the starving peasant. His face is withered, his feet are exposed, and his bones in general look fragile. He is peasant in Russia suffering dearly from the poor economic and agricultural effects of the new Bolshevik government. Behind him, pieces of useless wheat tumble through the air, …read more

Dismisal of the Church

  The Bolsheviks never were too fond of the Russia Orthodox Church. To be politically correct, they loathed it. Orthodoxy is something that has been a staple in Russia since 988, over one thousand years. Considering its ties with the country, it was not something that was just going to leave by itself, and The …read more

Mutiny on the Black Sea

Rotten Borsch? That sounds like something that prisoners in Siberia should be eating. In 1905 though, that was the standard food for enlisted soldiers on board the Battleship Potemkin. Most would be so inclined that sailors in the Tzar’s Imperial Fleet would be given top of the line food, considering there past supremacy on the …read more

The Dagestani Man

One of the things that most people do not realize when they think about Russia is its enormous array of culture. There is of course the stereotypical “Russian” culture that includes vodka and borsch, but there are influences within the Russian Federation from all across its old vast empire. The particular picture featured above is …read more