Kornilov Affair

This week I’d like to discuss the 1917 Kornilov Affair and its significance in the Russian Revolution.  While there are many different beliefs on how the Kornilov Affair came to be one in particular involved Vladimir Lvov.  Lvov is believed to be responsible for stirring the pot with Kerensky and Kornilov.  Lvov thought Russia could […]

Bloody Sunday

The 1905 Russian Revolution brought about extreme political unrest.  Some of the most notable problems leading up to the revolution were “agrarian problems, labor and nationality problems (Freeze).”  Growing number of peasants and working class began to form revolts. The moment I found to be most significant took place in St. Petersburg.  In 1904 Industrial […]

Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii

Hey everyone, I’d like to start off by introducing myself.  My name is Casey Pietsch; I am a History major and a senior this year.  Good luck to everyone in this class and I look forward to learning more about Russia throughout this semester! I decided to write my first official blog post on the […]