For Fatherland, and Freedom.

The Baltic States of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania were never too pleased to be part of the Soviet Union. These three satellite countries had been incorporated into the USSR against their will, through rigged elections set up by the USSR, through the capable hands of Vladimir Dekanozov, Andrey Vyshinsky, and Andrei Zhdanov, all of whom […]

TV, Soviets, and letting go

No matter where you were from WWII had a great impact on your nation. By 1970, most nations had licked their wounds though, and moved on. For Russia though, this wasn’t really possible. It’s true, the world lost about three percent of it’s population, but the Soviet Union lost about sixteen percent of it’s people. […]


As Yuri A. Gagarin left the launch platform on human life’s maiden voyage into space the Soviets knew if they succeeded, the world was about to change. After all, if a man could survive in space, the universe was truly ours to behold, and explore. Space travel would actually become possible, in time of course. […]

In The Absence of Stalin

As Stalin lay dying in Moscow due to internal hemorrhaging in March of 1953, the world was changing. The Presidium of the USSR was planning it’s next step. Since Lenin had died, Stalin had run the show and anyone who had gotten in his was had been removed or run over. What would they do […]

A City of Heroes

By October in 1942 the situation in Stalingrad was bleak. In the city named after the leader of the great Soviet nation the people were slowly being eradicated by the forces of General Von Paulus and the German Sixth Army. The invasion had started on September 7th, and in a grueling calculated push Paulus started […]

A Cacophony of Sound

In the mid 1930′s the works of a certain composer by the name of Dimitrii Shostakovitch continued to catch the eye and heart of the public with his opera, Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk. This opera was centered around a woman who has an affair, due to her loveless marriage, ends up causing the death of […]

1917: An UnOrthodox Revolution

As the Romanovs abdicated the throne in the beginning breaths of 1917, and the new governing bodies took their places in this shaky society, many things changed. The Provisional Government was doing its best to sort out the ocean of affairs that were left untouched by the Autocrats preceding them, while still working with the […]

The 1905 Revolution

As the turn of the century passed, there was a lot going on in Russia. The nation was still working out the kinks of a national industrialization that had only really started twenty years ago, and had not gotten very far. There were many, many problems here, as many political activists were clear to point […]

The Village of Kolchedan

The photograph I have chosen is of a village in Russia by the name of Kolchedan . One might wonder the significance of such a picture to someone so important as the ruler of a country. The Reasoning behind this photo, as far as I have learned, is to give an example of the average […]