Summing Up and Falling Down

cropped-Kremlin11Since we did not have time to select a final “Students’ Choice” winner, I’m dedicating this space of the final edition to two posts which chart their author’s journey through Soviet history.  The first offers a reflection on the themes of Soviet history as seen through one person’s blog posts over the semester.  The second ties the author’s journey through Russia and Germany to conflicting perspectives on the collapse of Soviet CommunismCheckPointCharlieweb Both exemplify the kind of original research and engaging reflection that has made the course blog so compelling this semester. Enjoy!  And please don’t forget to share your thoughts on the Blogging Soviet History Experience here:

A. Nelson

I am a historian of Russia with expertise in cultural history and emerging interests in animal studies and environmental history. My current research projects include studies of the Soviet space dogs, the significance of the Belyaev fox domestication project, and the cultural implications of domestication, particularly in Eurasia. 

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