Thawing Out

Cranes Are Flying  The Cultural Thaw in Film

Cranes Are Flying
The Cultural Thaw in Film

This week’s posts delved into the most salient issues of the turbulent times following Stalin’s death in 1953.   These included key political topics such as the consolidation of Khrushchev’s leadership, the testing of the H-Bomb, and the beginnings of de-Stalinization, as well as important social dynamics, including changing gender roles, the advent of Soviet consumerism, and the emergence of a vibrant youth culture.  There were some terrific posts about the cultural “Thaw,” the emptying of the GULAG, the 1956 rebellion in Hungary, and the advent of the Space Age, and choosing posts for the slider was a real challenge. Things only get more interesting from here on out, as we move forward through the turbulent sixties. Hang on!

A. Nelson

I am a historian of Russia with expertise in cultural history and emerging interests in animal studies and environmental history. My current research projects include studies of the Soviet space dogs, the significance of the Belyaev fox domestication project, and the cultural implications of domestication, particularly in Eurasia. 

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