A Brief Introduction to Soviet Blogging

Hello and welcome to Soviet History!  My name is Ben Midas and I will be helping Dr. Nelson with your blogs this semester.  I’ve taken several classes with Dr. Nelson, including this one, and worked with her on several other occasions.  I’m very excited about the potential that blogging brings to Soviet history.

Last semester I took a class with Dr. Nelson that was very blogging intensive, much like this class.  It involved writing a new blog post every week that was related to topics we read about and discussed in class.  We also had to read and comment on our classmates’ posts.  Going into it, I was intimidated because I had never blogged before and it seemed like a lot of work.  I learned over the course of the semester that the blogging was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  It did not take hours and hours of work to write a quality blog post.  While it is possible to put hours and hours of work into it, I found that if I put a reasonable amount of effort in, a good blog post came out.  These class blogs will work much the same.

It certainly won’t be to easy, but try not to be intimidated by it.  It has the potential to make class much more interesting.  Reading what your peers have to say and your peers reading what you have to say creates an environment where everyone creates unique historical content.  Look at blogging as an opportunity to express your thoughts and ideas about the things you learn in class.  Use it as a medium to pursue the things that you find interesting about Soviet history.  Blogging really will make this class very interesting and engaging than your blog-free classes.

So, Comrades, enjoy blogging and make this semester great.

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