Being a faculty: duties

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Throughout the entire course so far we have gone through various aspects of academic world. Faculties are the engines of academia. They help academics progress, survive and adapt. Usually when we think of the term faculty we think of only teachers, educators , professors, lecturers etc. However there are people directly attached to the university or academic institution but indirectly attached to the process of teaching also referred to as faculty.

Le t us evaluate the roles and duties of the faculty in the context of teaching. To me , the main purpose of education is to discover and understand one’s own self. Above everything, the money and the job, education has separate necessity of its own: it is the food of our mind. It therefore becomes important that this simple yet powerful  philosophy should be kept in mind while imparting education. Thus faculty has to be aware of his/her role in imparting or transferring the knowledge to the student. It is also important to share the neutral perspective on a subject rather than a prejudiced one in from t of the students and then help them analyze the pros and the cons and let them decide on their own.

It is important during the course of teaching to develop a friendly yet respectable position with the students. While  the friendships let students open the doors and windows of their minds, the respect acts a strong guiding influence steering them through the right path.

The duties do not end inside the classroom. It is important for a faculty to be a critic of the outside world.  Also a faculty should always in some way give back to the society, contribute some way towards its welfare of the.

One of the most important duties is the pursuit of knowledge in terms of research.  A faculty should always be actively involved in research and communicating the findings.

The proper guidance and mentoring is a must for development of a student into an independent scholar. Mentoring from a faculty is thus an important quality. One should keep in mind that mentoring and teaching are not the same thing. While teaching a teacher points out specific details and thus shows the student a zoomed in view, mentoring is about making them aware of the bigger picture, how individual pieces fit together, understanding the perspective. So , in effect, a mentor shows the zoomed out picture.

A faculty should help industry and Government whenever the opportunity presents and also be on the lookout  of  financial support  from them. This will help to improve the infrastructure of the academic institution. They sometime may have to represent the university to provide an opinion on a social issue. It is important in this context not to present a prejudiced opinion and rather accurate represent the stance of the university on that particular issue.

Being a faculty, thus one needs to keep these points in mind,

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  1. I think whatever be the challenges, the main role of the faculty is teaching passionately and he/she can do that pretty well irrespective of all other difficulties. Nothing can stop a faculty in imparting education effectively and neutrally to the students.

    Doing good research is often tied with lots of practical difficulties like availability of funds, grants, students, lab facilities etc. Also, not everyone gets to work in the field where they can directly help the industry pr Govt. through their research.

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