A course-a journey! PFP 2012

The semester is almost over. For most of us it has been a struggle as always and for some lucky few it has been a cruise! I was thinking about this semester, the PFP course and all the marvelous experiences I had in the classroom and this chronicle article caught my eye:


Several things ran through my mind as I went through it:

  • The most beautiful part of the article was the comparison of a course with a journey. It is time to turn in our “being a faculty” article for the course and under this context the article provided a wonderful perspective on this. The author compares the faculty as the instructor who highlights and “coaxes” students to some sights to explore.
  • In the end only certain peak experience will remain in our mind and when we look back in retrospect, these peaks will help form an opinion about how good the course was. If we think of our PFP course from that perspective, there are plenty of large peaks on happy memory associated which I am sure will remain in my heart forever. PFP 2012 is a wonderful journey for me which sadly is about to end 🙁
  • Finally the most heartening fact for lazy people like me is that  quoting the author, “And even this late in the semester, there’s still time left to make that lasting impression.”  This gives me extra push towards this late in the semester

Happy exams to everyone and best of luck! 🙂


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