Willmott’s Ghost Restaurant

Within the Amazon Spheres located in Seattle, a new restaurant has opened up, featuring pastel colors and natural wood furniture. The building, designed by the architecture firm NBBJ, is a unique work environment for Amazon employees to work within a botanical environment, which can be clearly seen through the glass exteriors of the building.

The interior of the restaurant is bright with the dark blue grounding the lightness of the pastels and furniture.

There is a consistent use of vertical lines within the space, reminding of the professional work environment the restaurant is located in. The brass accents also bring sophistication to the space while the pastels and broken sphere pendants suggest an element of fun and creativity.


Due to the round form of the building itself, it seemed to be quite a challenge to work within – especially fitting appliances into the kitchen. I wish the Dezeen article I found these images on features the kitchen itself as well.

Does this restaurant seem appropriately styled for a corporate office? Would you want to eat here?

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