Low Income Housing Solutions

Through my Minimal Domestic Space course, I’m learning to evaluate people’s “need” for square footage. What do we actually need? How can we use space better? Houses began as safety from the outside world and evolved into displays of wealth and status. With social media as a personal display to the outside world and modern values evolving, this is again changing.

My professor’s architecture firm Aranguren + Gallegos Architects worked on a project that explored use of space within low income housing. The building is made up of three kinds of pods (1.Pods Drawing-Model) or apartments based on number of convertible rooms.

Each pod features a certain number of convertible walls within the main living space with beds that store under the raised hallway. This allows the space to be opened up during the day and closed into bedrooms at night.

1.Single Detail Pod-Model (floorplan drawing of a pod)

Since 2003 when this building was made, many of the walls have been permanently closed up, creating permanent rooms. While people are now more open to the idea of living in smaller spaces and the convertible walls may be valued more, what strategies do you think would help people better utilize space?

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