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I grew up watching HGTV with my grandparents and family. Since I was young, I would often rearrange the furniture in our room just to change it up in a way I thought would be more functional and visually pleasing. Throughout school, I took visual art classes and became interested in fashion and film. This assisted me in training my visual eye, and while I could see myself working in any of those fields, I have come back to my interest in working with the building blocks that make physical spaces.


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For Christmas and my birthday, I will often ask for a small piece of furniture or a throw pillow to add to the space. Back in high school I redecorated my room, painting the walls and changing out the bed spreads. My mom asked me to redecorate my bathroom as well. How the individual elements work together is what I love most about my room, and while there are several things I would change, my favorite pieces are my desk and my nightstand. The mix of natural wood, white paint, black metal, and fabric in the room help describe my personal style through keeping the focus off loud colors scheme and on mix of textures – particularly in the furniture.



My nightstand is my favorite part of my room. For a while, I had been looking for a cheap option to replace my old wicker nightstand that provided no storage and was a little run down after about 16 years of use. I searched the internet but found few options that I liked or felt worth paying money for. Eventually, I came across a piece on Etsy from a Spanish designer. Once I saw the nightstand, I was in love with the mix and use of materials. Because the nightstand was more on the expensive side, I asked for it as a Christmas present. Looking back, I think it is my favorite piece of furniture in my room because the design still feels simple and timeless to me in contrast to other pieces of furniture in my room.




Recently, my dad asked him to redesign his work office. I immediately grew excited to design for a “client” and immediately came up with a color scheme and spread sheet of mid-century inspired furniture pieces to consider. However, my dad was full of his own ideas and prioritized function over visual impact. In short, it was more of a collaboration than my own project and vision. In interior design you work for a client, and while I can hardly call my experience a true experience working with a “client”, I do know that I love how I can call all my industrial design projects my own. I also noticed a problem with a lack of furniture that fulfilled our needs for a desk with storage that can be adjustable from a standing to sitting desk for those who suffer from sciatica (like my dad).

Now that I’ve found industrial design, I look forward to creating the products that mesh needs with positive visual impact because I know that whenever the choice comes between function and aesthetics, I tend to lead toward the visual aspects. However, I want to be able to bring purpose to my love of design and art. I want to be the one to create items that provide functionally but are meant to influence a space. When you design furniture, you can’t just consider functionality. Furniture is meant to be displayed and arranged to define a space, serve a long-lasting purpose, and set a tone in a room. I want my designs to be such that my clients will purposefully take care of and keep them for a long time.

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