Inspiration: David Carson

Last year, I attended a talk here at Virginia Tech given by the graphic designer, David Carson. Having not known much about David Carson or his work before, I came into the talk with no expectations and an open mind. However, what sparked my interest most was his lecture poster hanging in the lobby.

The poster was confusing at first but made perfect sense once viewed closer. Some elements of David’s designs that I love are unexpected placement of elements, use of minimal forms to reveal symbols or text, and the clarity through purposeful messiness. In his talk, David Carson revealed how he incorporates meaning, humor, and style into his designs. All elements (despite how cluttered some of he designs may seem) serve a specific purpose to emphasize the message of a piece. His lack of design education likely encouraged him to explore and break the rules. His work is something that encourages you to read into instead of glance at and move on. As a designer, using unexpected elements of a design to emphasize the overall meaning of a piece is something I aspire to do.

What do you think of David Carson’s work? Does it inspire you?

David Caron’s Website:

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