How Clothes Help Me Design

As some of you may know, I am also a part-time fashion blogger. Coming from a private school where students were required to wear uniforms, my interest in fashion really developed in high school. I wore what I wanted and experimented a lot. My clothes are a way of looking at color schemes, textures, and proportion, and by consciously choosing what to wear based on pieces and patterns that were complementary yet of interest. Having that small creative challenge every day helps me work the right side of my brain.

My blog was born during my sophomore year of high school when a teacher suggested I start one, and while I am not fond of modeling my own outfits, I am grateful for the opportunity to share my interest and passion. Every fashion season, I try to keep up with my favorite designers, analyzing their work and why I like particular designs.

Having gone through many phases and styles, I have been able to determine the most flattering styles, colors, and patterns on my body. In a way, the design process is very similar. Just like how I experimented with many diverse styles so should diverse ideas be initially explored, and just how I was then able to determine the best fits and colors so should the best ideas be further broken down. Only after that can the fine details (such as accessories, makeup, or hair styles) be fine-tuned to create a cohesive, styled product.

In a way, I feel as if that particular interest provided me with a head start in my design education. Working color schemes tend to come pretty easily to me as well as creating generally visually pleasing compositions.

What has fashion contributed to your life?

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