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As a cat enthusiast, I enjoy making trips to Pet Smart to help hold, pet, and socialize the foster cats (despite not being able to buy my own anytime soon). In the future, though, I would love to have one of my own. I often scour Pinterest to look at cat accessories that I can potentially make. However, I feel as if there is an abundance of unattractive products. Since cat toys, towers, and other accessories are often on display around a home, why aren’t there more attractive products made? So, I searched the internet for the most exciting cat product I could find.

After doing a little research I found a company that will design pet-friendly furniture. Their products, however, are individually designed for clients. On their website, they recommended a few tips for tailoring your home to be pet-friendly.

A second website I found would replace the fabric on upholstery with their scratch-resistant fabric. Yet this is still not a solution for upholstered furniture. In terms of wood furniture, the only two solutions I’ve found are to either cover wood with acrylic sheets or corner protectors or to have cat towers in hopes that cats will scratch them instead of furniture. Both of these “solutions” are not ideal. In particular, mass produced cat towers are often not attractive.


These towers are the most design conscious ones I have found, but I still think there is more opportunity to explore and create beautiful cat towers that can be potentially incorporated into furniture and read less like typical cat towers.

In terms of smaller cat accessories, there were more variations and creative forms available. Cat bowls generally sit on the floor or a raised platform clearly visible within a room, which I don’t think has to be the case. Is there a better way to display, hide, or incorporate food bowls into other products?



After looking around, cat beds had the most exciting forms and variations in material of all the products I researched. However, again, they tend to be single items that sit on the floor of a room (although I found several wall hanging beds as well).




Cat toys are another series of items I think could use work in terms of attractiveness. While there are many cute and colorful toys, having them laying around the house often looks messy and distracting from the overall home environment. Is there a way to make cat toys more attractive or easier to clean up or hide?




The last category I’m looking at is cat transportation. There are a couple of attractive looking backpacks, and I even found cat strollers. However, while I like the idea of a backpack, I worry about being sure there is enough room for a cat to be comfortable in it. As for the cat stroller I think there is a lot of opportunity for form improvement and versatility with the product. What if the stroller and crate could collapse or detach from each other?



What is one area of products you think could use more design consideration? Do you have any pet friendly product ideas?

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