Getting Into ID

As many people know, the college application process can be intense and scary. This was certainly the case for me. I had no idea what I wanted to do. While I put effort into my classes, I didn’t particularly love any one over the others. Being shy, I chose art as an elective, hoping to find a class that was based around independent work. I always looked forward to that class, but didn’t even consider it as anything more than a small hobby until my friend convinced me to apply to a summer program at VCUarts with her. Living on campus in the middle of Richmond and taking classes art classes with professors was amazing. I loved getting to create every day. After that summer, I decided my quality of life would be significantly lower if I didn’t get to create every day. I also found out that while I love painting, I couldn’t paint for the rest of my life.

When applying to schools for college, I considered graphic design, fashion, and business. For me Virginia Tech was more of a safety school because I had a pretty good GPA, decent SAT scores, and lots of leadership activities. My sister (soon to graduate!) attends VT as well, and I never imagined going to “her” school. In my mind, I saw myself going to a small school in or near a city. However, I still applied, and during the process, my mom was helping me research the majors. As I was working, she suggested industrial design, saying that product design sounded right up my alley. I agreed because I didn’t see myself going there, and I was mildly intrigued. In the last month before I had to decide, I toured all my options. My mom and I were impressed with our tour. Due to the strong program and financial reasons, I ended up in Virginia Tech’s industrial design program (and with the two other people from California I toured with!).

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