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Shocking! The real purpose of your life!

I happened to see this video  last Monday before class. I’m a sucker for anything involving South Park (or just Trey Parker and Matt Stone) so of course I watched it. It just so happens that it went unbelievable well with some of the discussion from today and the video about motivation. I think that this carrot and stick approach is pervasive through society because it assumes that people are unmotivated and will be lazy when left to their own devices. To get them to perform as desired, they are incentivized. Rather than looking towards each milestone, each carrot you get, it is more meaningful to see the progression of your work as long term process that doesn’t end similar to the musical progression described in the video. That sounds easy I guess when you like your job and feel rewarded in your work. Perhaps people would find more rewarding positions and jobs perhaps if they were not forced into some sort of mold, but rather allowed to follow what they believed to be interesting – to dance and sing their own song. After all, in my opinion at least, all we have is this time that we are here, may as well enjoy the journey.

I’ll note now, that I have done this sort of half blog this during the semester. I’ll find something interesting, save it, write a few lines about it, but not wrap it up into a full post. So, I’m about to post a bunch of blogs, but I swear, I didn’t just find all of them in the last 24 hours.


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