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blogs leading to blogs

As I’ve mentioned before, prior to starting my own blog, I was apprehensive about the whole situation. Now that I have settled into it a little bit more, I’m kind of getting into other blogs. Though none of them are particularly scholarly, I am  at least exploring the world of blogdom. Several which I have become pretty frequent visitors include whatshouldwecallme – a tumblr full of funny gifs and jokes that I can relate to as a recent enough college graduate. Additionally, I’ve begun to follow thecoquette – a hilarious set of blogs written by a woman anonymously. The posts can be kind of crude, but they are interesting, well written, and make me appreciate how witty some people are. There are a few others, but those pop to mind as the ones I check most often.   I’m sure that there will be others, and I’ll probably post more that I have really enjoyed reading as I continue to find them.

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