After watching some of Coachella that was streaming this weekend, I realized that I had to make Bonnaroo happen. I have some amazing people (including my brother) gathered up and ready to go. Tickets will be bought soon and this extravaganza will start, and I’m pumped. This will be my first music festival and I hope I’m ready for all it brings. Part of the final push to spend the money to do this was watching Bon Iver’s set. Even though I prefer live music to be more upbeat, it was really amazing. I figured I’d post a video of Holocene. Also, SBTRKT had an awesome set. I’ve gotten into them as of late and really enjoy it.

Of course, Phish headlining is a good deal for me – I’ve seen them twice and am excited to see them again. My bunnies that I posted earlier are actually named after the song Wilson and the song Suzy Greenberg…so I’d say I’m a pretty big fan. It has also inspired me to now only name my animals after songs. It’s fun to find new ones for future animals.



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