Women in High-ed

Before the 19th century, higher education was designed primary for men. At that time woman’s role was narrowed to households, wives and mothers. However, through activists’ efforts that fought for the right of higher education for females, women started attending to universities and earning higher degrees.

A report released in 2017, shows how women are becoming more active in higher education and contains several recommendations and suggestions on how to best move the needle and increase the number of women leaders in academia.

For example, that the governing board and the senior staff should annually review the institution’s commitment to diversity to evaluate how well it is working. Identify, support, and advance women and women of color to become chief academic officers, provosts, and senior executives. Look beyond sitting presidents in order to increase the pool of potential presidential selections. Because women are more likely to have followed a nontraditional career path, the best candidates may come from farther afield.

Women are gaining territory and gender disparities are decreasing in the higher education world. Being aware of the issue can help to maintain good quality on institutional standards and statues.

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