“Mission”: more than just a goal

Image result for mission statementThe word “mission” is commonly used in our daily lives, often used by individuals or organizations to refer an assignment or goal either for short or longterm.

When it comes to organizations and institutions, the mission reflects more than just a task. As Julián David Cortés-Sánchez has pointed in his blog, “mission” reflects purpose, ambition and values. If we stop for a second and reflect how some institutions influence on society (e.g. universities) the mission become a serious element.

Universities are the providers of education to thousands of students and have impact on other thousands of people that are involved with (e.g. professors, staff, family and the surrounding community). Therefore, their mission that states their believes and strategies is fundamental to determine how would the institution would operate to achieve its purpose.

After exploring a couple of mission statements of universities, I realized that the inclusion, diversity and, no-boundaries are common. Which make sense, nowadays people are connected worldwide through technology and many other forms. These elements on the mission statements are enabling globally connected education.

Based on the brief conducted research on mission statements of universities, I was happy to discover that the improvement of communities and society for future generations were on the statements of the three explored universities, despite that one is from the U.S (Yale University), other from Mexico (Universidad Iberoamericana), and Australia (Deakin University).

After reading about mission statements, my vision regarding Universities changed. Now, I understand that the contribution to their students, faculty, alumni and others involves goes beyond of just providing high-quality information and content regarding a specific area.




I find it interesting that someone else also looked at international universities. It’s sometimes easy to forget that the US is not the only place with colleges. I like that you found three colleges with similar mission statements although they may be from different areas of the world. with differing cultures. More universities should develop statements that include the future generations that are to come.


Different culture makes the mission statement different, but you can find universities from different countries have similar mission statements. I think most of the universities all over the world are diverse now, and they all want to accept students nationally and internationally.


Inclusion, diversity and public service are some of the principles I find important during this time of globalization. It is optimistic that you found them in the three mission statements you analyzed. I think these principles should be fundamental for all universities, in addition to the obvious focus on the generation of knowledge and the conduction of research.

Ruoding Shi

Thank you for comparing mission statements of universities between countries! In spite of significant cultural differences, there are some common values cherished by most universities all over the world: inclusion, diversity and, no-boundaries. I think it is interesting to know what is the most common value cherished by individuals in different countries. Maybe you can conduct another research to figure it out and share with us!


Interesting how you were able in just a few lines to bring out similarities between mission statements of universities that are located on three different continents. Great Job!

قیمت باکس پالت

در تعیین قیمت باکس پالت چند فاکتور مهم نقش دارند که از جمله آنها می توان به نوع پالت، جنس بدنه و اندازه و ابعاد باکس اشاره نمود. ابن کاملا طبیعی است که باکس های فلزی با اندازه های بزرگ تر قیمت بیشتری نسبت به نوع چوبی با ابعاد کوچک تر خواهد داشت.

ایران دارونت

شامپو ضد شوره و ضد خارش

شامپو ضد شوره، یکی از مواردی است که می توانیم برای برطرف کردن این مشکل از آن استفاده کنیم. خرید بهترین شامپو ضد شوره برای انواع موهای خشک، چرب و معمولی هر کدام می تواند عملکرد متفاوتی داشته باشد. به همین دلیل توصیه می کنیم قبل از خرید شامپو ضد شوره برای موهای خودتان، جنس موی خود را بررسی کنید.

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