Loans in education

Forbes released an article named “Price of College Increasing Almost 8 Times Faster than Wages” that made me reflect if the current system is sustainable. Students loans can determine the future of a person, since there are so many cases that they decide where to work to pay the loans instead to fulfill their passions.

Day by day, we have more student cases where they do not want to pursue a higher degree for fears related to money and loans. Some other issues that loans generate, is the major that a student select. For someone yet to begin their college education, I would encourage to select a major based on their interest. However, in terms of money I would caution them from going to a private university to study liberal arts, unless they have a very clear idea for what they are going to do with that degree, or unless they will be receiving meaningful financial support from a parent or another source.

Education should be based on persons interests to maintain the engagement. However the cost of a education is skyrocketing and impacting in future students decisions and lifestyles.


cip فرودگاه امام

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خدمات تشریفات ویژه فرودگاه امام یا cip فرودگاه امام

تشریفات ویژه ارائه شده در فرودگاه امام خینی یک خدمت ویژه ارائه شده است

شیرآلات قهرمان

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Quality education is a must for a complete and successful life. For many, it is equivalent to graduating from a top institution. The cost of education is, however, increasing rapidly. In fact, the cost of studying at reputed institutions is already quite high.

Keeping this in mind, parents, who want to provide their children with the best possible education, invest their money in mutual funds (MFs), fixed deposits (FDs), unit-linked insurance plans (ULIPs), etc., for the long term.


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