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Higher education is facing changes through innovation strategies to improve the teaching-learning process. Traditional methods are evolving, roles of professors are more inclined to engage students to think out of the box, use the lates evidence and technology for the active learning process. So, why do the system is not evolving?

Now a days, scientists and researchers spend years of unpaid positions before moving forward to an actual position as professor. Mary Anne Mason et al. 2009. Reported that most of the doctoral students change their minds about becoming faculty members while there are in graduate school due to the system. The challenges to overcome institutionalized systems involve different sectors where administrators, faculty, staff and students are crucial. Real recognition for innovation in the system should be important to focus efforts to work in transdiciplinary teams in order to develop new approaches and improve the ongoing system.

Transdiciplinary teams are gaining momentum in the academia and are needed in order to successful enhance the complexity and challenging system. Population in higher education is getting more diverse with the time, including disciplines and ethnicity. The variety of perspectives are essential to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness to meet goals and engage everyone involved.

Administrators have to be willing to commit funds and time to create new mechanisms and quit old-fashioned mentalities. Faculty and staff should raise their voice expressing the obstacles that they have overcome and share experiences to learn from the past. While students must take charge of expressing interests and being active in the process to define new career approaches.

Ishi Keenum

Thanks for your post. As a doctoral student myself I often find myself in doubt about the future and I do agree with you that institutional change is needed at all levels.

Jaisohn Kim

What exactly causes graduate students to change their minds? Does this occur in a particular timeframe (such as when they’re close to graduating, etc.)?

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