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One of the greatest impacts that people can have in life is through education. It plays a vital role shaping tomorrows leaders and future professionals, as consequence teaching cannot be taken lightly. Under this scope, it is critical to develop an appropriate teaching approach due to the monumental effect that professors might have on students’ life.

In my attempting and exploration to answer the How of my last post, I ended creating my personalized teaching model, which I named “CAR” (create, acknowledge and remember). The idea of this model was to identify the key aspects to determine my own teaching style.



As a teacher:

With the students:

CREATE -Comfortableness

-Plan A, B, C and D




ACKNOWLEDGE -Role: guide and facilitate

-Refine and update



REMEMBER -Cards on the table







As teacher, it is critical to create comfortableness with what we are teaching. This is referred to the preparation and familiarity with the topic. In addition, the creation of a plan B, C and D can help to be flexible. Sometimes, even under a great pacification, and as most as we want to have things under control, things happen and we must be prepared. It is critical to kill the panic, breath, chill out, and let the class take its own course.

With students, the creation of engagement and interest on the class can change the whole experience for both parties. Also, the creation of boundaries are the guidelines to set expectations, and responsibilities form both sides.



As teacher, is fundamental to acknowledge that the role is to facilitate and guide the process of learning. The need to refine and update, this two will help to enhance my teaching methods and change what is not working to create a smooth teach-learn process.

With students, to acknowledge their efforts and achievement to maintain the class motivated.



As teacher, remembering to put all the rules and cards on the table at the beginning of the course. Furthermore, let the students decide and be part of the game. Which means that students can get involved in the process by suggesting, changing and proposing. Furthermore, it is crucial to always be aware of the “PPE” of teaching (passion, preparation and energy).

With students, that by nature a human being is unique and different. So, there will be a notable variation among students, with different skills and backgrounds. This last, underlined the need to incorporate different methods to ensure that everybody has an opportunity to learn and develop the desire skills.


Finally, to have an accurate answer of the How: Just do it!

It might sound as a Nike advertisement, but it is completely true. I would never know if the model described above is effective unless I try it.


About the author,

Sofia Rincon Gallardo Patino, hate to wash dishes and do her laundry.


I really liked your teaching model, it shows how you care about your students and how each of them have their own unique role in your classroom. Can’t wait to see you implement it!!


I would totally buy your CAR, but really, I thought that this was a great teaching model. It does a good job of bringing awareness to the many, varied aspects of being a successful teacher. I think it could also be great to add a third column to the model “As a Student.” I also liked your final piece of advice. Often in life we have to just try things and be flexible when they do not go as planned. I think that we need to allow for the possibility of failure (with a plan B, C, …) and recognize that we are also continually learning and failure is part of the process.

Amy Hermundstad

This is such a great post and I really like your teaching model! I think Abram’s suggestion is really interesting and I would be curious to see what your “as a student” column would contain. Maybe a discussion on these aspects of your teaching model could be included when you are “putting all the cards on the table” at the beginning of the semester. I am excited to hear how trying this out goes!

D. Gupta

You bring up some very interesting points. Learning to fail and having multiple fall back option is a very pragmatic approach. Similarly acknowledging student achievements will also maintain motivation levels in the classroom. Finally it is absolutely imperative that we acknowledge differences between students and develop different methods to suit everyone’s learning style.


I loved that you conclude the model with actually going ahead and implementing what you have put together without further doubting thoughts. As you mention, it is the only way you can tell whether it is/was effective or not and of course going back, and constantly readjusting to make it the most effective it could possibly be.


Thank you Sof for your post. I really enjoyed the model CAR, and the conclusion of “Just do it”! The part that resonated the most is ACKNOWLEDGMENT section, and how you connected since starting guiding and facilitating the knowledge all the way to the achievements. I like the model a lot, I would like to see it being applied. One question: Have you though about including an evaluation of the effectiveness of the approaches that instructors try? Maybe incorporating this can help! Again, exelent post!!

Nicole Arnold

Sofia – My favorite part of your teaching model is the “Plan A, B, C, and D” aspect. I can most definitely take your advice of “it is critical to kill the panic!” It can be intimidating to be up in front of so many students, especially if you are mostly expending the energy. There are times when I’ve had to take a few deep breaths to keep myself calm. I agree that having multiple backup plans can help to diminish some of this stress. If you begin to flounder up at the podium, you can always transition into something else if you have it planned. I also see this working well for a class that may not be as engaged. If you have some students beginning to doze off one day, it would be good to have the capacity to switch gears at any given time to sort of allow everyone to reset. I also enjoyed the part about acknowledgement in regards to the students. Everyone deserves words of validation for a job well done. Some people need to hear it.


اگر در منطقه کامرانیه زندگی می کنید و به دلیل ته نشین شدن گل و لای و چربی و یا افتادن اشیاع دچار گرفتگی لوله های فاضلاب شده اید تنها کافیست که با ما تماس بگیرید، ما اکیپ لوله بازکنی در کامرانیه تهران داریم و در کوتاه ترین زمان برای شما اعزام می کنیم تا خیلی سریع و بدون کثیف کاری عملیات رفع گرفتی لوله ها توسط دستگاه لوله بازکنی (فنر و پمپ تراکم هوا) را برای شما انجام دهند. لوله بازکنی کامرانیه ارزان و فوری تخصص خدمات فنی سماء است . ساکن هر کجای تهران که هستید با شعب ما در منطقه خودتان تماس بگیرید .

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