Five Ways for College Students to Make Money Online in Their Spare Time

students make money online
For young people who are busy with college, working a regular job can be a substantial burden. There is no doubt that money is useful while you are in college. However, regular employment usually isn’t flexible enough to allow students the time they need to study.  For this reason, many college students have turned to alternative streams of online income that are easier to fit into their busy schedules. Here are five of the best ways to make money online if you’re a college student looking for a better source of income.

Freelance Writing

If you need to start earning money online quickly, few options are better than freelance writing. Most college students have developed good writing skills in the process of writing papers for classes.  This makes them ideal candidates for freelance writing jobs. Using a freelancing site like Upwork or Fiverr, you can put your writing services up for purchase within only a few minutes. From there, it’s simply a matter of honing your skills and developing a client base. For some students, freelance writing can even become profitable enough to be worth continuing after college. Best of all, freelance work can be done at any time, giving you the flexibility you need to succeed in school while still making money.

Affiliate Marketing through a Niche Website

Unlike freelance writing, affiliate marketing is a stream of income that will take quite a bit of time to build up to an appreciable level. To make good money as an affiliate marketer, you’ll need to build a website. Then you need to write content for it and drive traffic to that content with online marketing. Affiliate marketing involves promoting products through your content. You can then receive a commission from a seller or manufacturer when those products sell. For beginners, the best affiliate program is the Amazon Associates program.  If you have a product or niche you are really passionate about, writing reviews and promoting products sold through Amazon platform might be a good source of income for you.

Although affiliate marketing won’t make you money overnight, it has the major advantage of being a largely passive income stream once you have it up and running. A niche site that is established and bringing in traffic can continue to make you money while you attend class or work on homework projects. This makes affiliate marketing an excellent option for busy college students. Of course, you can also continue to work actively on your website by adding more content. As the site grows and brings in more visitors, the amount of money you see from it will also increase.

Create and Sell an Online Course

As a college student, you’re probably well aware that knowledge can be quite valuable. You know this because you are used to paying for education. However, it may never have occurred to you that you could also make money by teaching others.  You can earn money by teaching people about your own hobbies or areas of expertise. Selling online courses through platforms such as Udemy can be a lucrative and relatively easy way to make some extra money. Like affiliate marketing, selling courses is a passive form of income.  However, you will likely need to do some active promotion in order to see good sales.

Become an Influencer

If you’re good on camera or at getting responses to social media posts, you may have what it takes to become a successful influencer. Influencers are social media figures who build up audiences around specific niches or topics. They then market products to those audiences on behalf of companies. Major platforms for influencer marketing include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Although the amount that companies will pay influencers to promote their products varies widely, it is not at all uncommon for influencers to receive several hundred dollars per product promotion. You also don’t have to have a massive audience to start seeing smaller payments come in. The larger your audience is, though, the more money you can make.

Participate in Online Surveys

If you enjoy sharing your opinions on products and services, then you can make some money by participating in online surveys. There are many legitimate market research companies that are in need of honest feedback on their clients products and services. In exchange for this valuable feedback, they will pay their members for time spent completing these surveys.

You just need internet access and some spare time to participate. To maximize your earnings with online paid surveys, I recommend you join several sites to increase your earnings potential. This will increase the number of survey invites you receive, and improve your odds of finding higher paying surveys that match your demographics.

Once you join a survey panel, you will get survey invitations, and get rewarded for each survey you complete. The basic process is that you can then redeem those points for cash. It will not make you rich by any means, but you can earn enough money to help pay some bills or earn some weekend spending money.


These are just a handful of the many ways for college students to make money online in their spare time. Using one or more of these methods, you can make money independently and work on your own schedule. This will allow you to set your own schedules, giving you the time and flexibility you need. Ultimately, choosing to make money on your own can benefit both your academic life and your finances. By combining these methods, and by finding ways to save on your expenses you can gain financial harmony while in college.

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